selen tatsuki about


A sassy lunar sky dragon aiming straight for your heart. Selen Tatsuki is a top level competitive FPS player with an unforgettable laugh. Selen has a strong competitive spirit and a drive to win. She has a bratty personality and will tease everyone around her, but secretly has a softer side and cares deeply about her friends.

Selen is a member of Nijisanji EN's 2nd wave: Obsydia. She is a dragon racer that loves to win. First person shooters are Selen's games of choice, especially Apex Legends, but she keeps things fresh with games from other genres. Notable non shooter games Selen has played include retro RTS and platformer games, such as Starcraft: Brood War and the original Mega Man series. Despite her assertive personality, Selen's one weakness is horror, and her fans often revel in the "gap moe" of watching this dragon shriek in fear while playing horror games. This "gap moe" personality also comes up in more tender ways, like when she made an adorable rice bear bento box on stream. Selen's greatest strength as an entertainer is her ability to get along with other people. Selen frequently will collaborate with a variety of different guests, and no matter who she's with, those collaborations are always a treat to watch

Hall of Fame

🏆 Number 1 Dragon racer
🏆 Repeat Top 500 Apex Predator
🏆 Repeat Top 500 Overwatch player
🏆 Repeat Master player
🏆 Leaderboard Mirage player
🏆 C+ Flying license
🏆 Won The Great Rosemi-sama's game show